Welcome to the simple, beautiful and utterly novel concept of socio-progressive tourism that gives never-before dimensions to the world of travel.

And even as the Maharashtra Tourism and Development Corporation throws  its weight behind this new venture, this is the sort of trip that won’t stop at merely broadening your horizons. Instead, it promises to go the distance and deepen your understanding of the human spirit, heighten your sensitivity to those less privileged, and lengthen your repertoire of valuable experiences.

Simply out: Socio-progressive tourism is a holiday that takes you close to the people and projects that are scripting change from the grassroots upwards, and contributing to the cause of Nation-building in a long-lasting manner. From fighting discrimination to campaigning for equitable distribution of resources to taking health care to the remotest areas of the country, to decent treatment of the HIV affected, the sick and the poor—the men and women behind these brave missions deserve to come out of the text-books and newspapers—into our lives.


Needless to say, everyone at some point of their lives has heard about  Amte family’s remarkable social projects given suitable abode at these three places. 


Without a doubt, going for pilgrimage is a respected ritual among devotees. There are very few ‘shrines’ as these which practice humanity as a religion. 


Ralegan Siddhi, now a self sufficient village has been brought up to pace by Anna Hazare. Similarly, Popatrao Pawar along with his fellow villagers performed a miracle in Hiwre Bazar. Sawali was built to be a shelter for 50 orphans by a youth named Nitesh Bansode.


A tourist generally looks for shopping, local food, tourism, regional folk art and a very jolly people. Kolhapur will do its best to provide for all your musings from top to bottom. Quite literally, with the famous pheta and Kolhapuri chappals!